Pros and cons of Prozac?

Posted by jacko @jacko, May 26, 2016

Have friend that prescribed – PROZAC – what’s the pros & Cons?

Hello. All medications can have side effects, so tread lightly. There are other psycho-tropic meds that are tested and tried. Of course, psycho-therapy should be considered in conjunction with meds for the best results. Speak with a psychiatrist or psychologist before starting ANY drug regimen.
……mental illness can be treated successfully – just like a physical illness, however, the brain is more complicated but it is also very malliable and it does heal with the proper treatments…. good luck… keep posting ‘good things’..

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Hi @jacko. Welcome to Connect! I echo @sylviaanne‘s recommendations about consulting a psychiatrist before starting a drug regimen and also combining medication with therapy… both very good points. In terms of side effects, Prozac is a brand name for a drug called Fluoxetine which you can find more information about here:

I’m also tagging @bron, @missyb57, @hils, @lizzieanne and @beautygirl27 who have all mentioned using Prozac in the past and may be able to provide some additional insights on pros and cons.

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