Medication for JAK2

Posted by ajordan1982 @ajordan1982, Mar 28, 2019

I just got back from my blood doctor appt and i advised her that I cannot keep going every month to have a pint of blood taken to reduce my levels… We discussed medication but she is concerned because i am only 36. I have MS along with JAK2 and so being on one of the medications will increase leukemia and the other she is not sure what it will do to me.
What is everyone on for medication and how does it effect you? I know everyone is different but Thank you in advance!

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Hi…my name is Claire and I have jak2 mutant. Diagnosed in November 1918 and was given the medication hydroxyurea 500mg five days a week. The weakness and fatigue has greatly improved but still remain. Some days I have to mostly stay in bed because my body is so weak. For the most part I think I am doing well but I wonder if anyone else out there still has chronic weakness. Also does anyone have an occasional itch with blisters on scalp. Thank you for any information You may have

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Sorry about the date, it should be 2018

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