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Posted by lex888 @lex888, Oct 5, 2023

Which off-label medication like Ketamine can be used for depression? Are there other medications that are not been created for depression but will reduce the symptoms of depression?

Thanks a lot

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Do you mean over-the-counter medication?
I do NOT recommend Ketamine! It can be very devastating to try to quit this drug.
Supplements and practices that I feel help my depression include:
DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids
B complex vitamins
soy lecithin granules
at least 3 servings of veg and at least 2 of fruit per day
light exercise, or whatever you can manage
a consistent sleep/wake and light/dark schedule
Learning to replace harmful negative thoughts with positive and reasoned thinking
vitamin d if and only if you are low, as shown by a blood test


The holy trinity (small cap) of good mental heath are: diet, exercise and stress reduction.

I will never take another psych med, or any med for that matter, until I have examined and optimized these three critical areas.

The exception would be for immanently suicidal individuals who need help in getting out of the abject depression until they are stable.

For me this is not theory but lived experience.


Think about food as medicine. Do some reading about inflammatory vs anti-inflammatory foods and consider getting rid of the inflammatory ones, like processed foods, foods made with white flour or lots of sugar or trans fats. Inflammation is known to have a negative affect on mood.
Do you get enough omega 3 fatty acids? It is believed there is a connection between this deficiency and depression; and it's so easy to turn around. A tablespoon of ground flax is enough. Chia seeds? Also found in fatty fish like salmon.
Did you know that a lot of foods/drinks contain histamine? There is evidence that when the body is overloaded with histamine and can't get rid of it, this has negative impact on mood.
If your depression is at a point where you are considering ketamine or something like, you may think it is beyond dietary fixes. But maybe not.
In the past month I have been able to pull myself out of a rather deep hole by avoiding inflammatory foods and high histamine foods, and adding flax to my daily regimen. Important: MUST WORK ON REDUCING STRESS.
Nothing to lose by making some good food choices, right?


The most immediate and entirely free solutions to our health woes are also least made use of: eating whole food such as whole wheat and brown rice (not processed heavily to prolong shelf life but also with sugar and too much salt to make it more palatable.

The other is lack of physical activity that is becoming so rare you might find it Unbelievable. Diabetes which is a terrible disease that condemns us to daily expensive and tedious injections has a strange but not surprising bed fellow: Inactivity. How bad?

According to CDC data 90% of diabetics activity level:
"34.3% were physically inactive, defined as getting less than 10 minutes a week of moderate or vigorous activity in each physical activity category of work, leisure time, and transportation."
Did you notice 10 minutes a Week!
Frankly I had to read it twice...but from my experience the manner people prefer escalators and elevators over stairs and even using Automatic door opening devices than pushing the circular gate is dismal, bleak and depressing with such aversion to exertion even as we come intensely driven to move and jump and run?

Graciously, these two habits also work to bring down our stress level. Conscious effort with contemplation however is important to safeguard from unnecessary stress.

I'll save medications -- of all kinds -- after exhausting these simple Enjoyable interventions. These haven't disappointed me

Good Lucks folks!

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