Medical literature about hydroxyurea and skin cancer

Posted by ontheverge @ontheverge, Mar 11 7:27am

I will be seeing my dermatologist tomorrow for a complete mole check. What medical journal articles have you found linking HU to basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas? I have seen a few case studies reporting skin cancers in individual patients taking HU. Are there any long term studies comparing the numbers reported in those taking HU to the statistics for the general population?

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Glad you have had good experiences with the U of M!! I can give you the name of a wonderful Mohs' doc in Ann Arbor if you private message me. He is not affiliated with the U of M.

I have no idea what HU might be. What is it?
I have had dozens of skin cancers-- Melanomas, basal cells, and squamous surgeries. I am recovering from a nasty one on my mouth right now. My 4th on face.
I have also had many other types of cancers, i do believe that I have a bad cancer gene! But a childhood spent as a lifeguard and on a swim team didn't help, we didn't know back then though!

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HU = hydroxyurea. Common oral chemo given to control platelet proliferation with some blood cancers. I don't go to U-Mich for my cancer care, but anyone can use their oncology nurse line.

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