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MDS and Neupogen

Posted by @jeremy88, Dec 18, 2018

After an introductory stay in hospital about a year ago I have self injected expensive stuff, neupogen. One jab a week most of the time. $100 a poke. Also more careful about my personal hygiene. I have been okay since.


Hello @jeremy88. I would like to invite @chattykathy to this discussion as she has used neupogen injections in the past as well, although for a different reason, but she may be able to share her experience with the injections. I would also like to invite @jaylevel1, @reibur1951, @evamarie1, and @ikampel2 to this discussion as they have all discussed having MDS or caring for someone with MDS on Connect.

@jeremy88, if you don't mind sharing, were the neupogen injections prescribed and are they meant as a treatment, or to get your ready for treatment? Am I correct in my understanding that neupogen (filgrastim) injections are meant to stimulate bone marrow and boost white blood cell production?

@JustinMcClanahan I must have prescriptions in both South Africa and the US, so visits to doctors are required to buy Neupogen. In my case my overall white blood cell level is normal, but my Absolute Neutrophil Count level was very low. Neupo fixes that. Neupogen requires refrigeration, and cannot be stored for a long time. So I must think ahead when I travel.

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