My husband had lobectomy surgery: Mayo was wonderful!

Posted by corgimenow @corgimenow, Jun 18 8:10am

My husband Michael had his lobectomy surgery with Dr Cassivi on Monday. We came home as scheduled on Wednesday- released about 2 and on the road for our 6 hour drive home by 2:30. Our experience there went like clockwork and everyone we worked with was incredible. We couldn’t be happier about our experience and the level of expertise and care we received. M is recovering nicely at home. He has some pain but is managing it well. We take slow walks around the neighborhood and the yard. Eat good food and get lots of rest. He uses his lung pillow when he rests in a chair and has big goals for himself for later this summer. Thank you Mayo for top notch care. I know we were lucky 🍀 this time. They will keep an eye on his lungs on a regular basis in the future and we will stay positive that is is over.

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@corgimenow, thank you for this lovely testimony to the care you received at Mayo Clinic. So good to hear that both you and Michael are doing well.

You've offered a couple of tips regarding good food and plenty of rest. I'd love to hear what other tips you might offer fellow members who may be preparing for lobectomy. What do you or Michael wish you had known?


I think one thing might be understanding the very precise schedule of care we were led through on the day of surgery it was so clear and well communicated. Receiving text updates as to his progress was awesome. I didn’t know beforehand that I would be with him until they took him off to the OR. Simple things like the hospital wasn’t freezing cold and I was comfortable- I had brought hats and sweaters because friends at other hospitals had been so cold. Listening to and trusting the skills of the surgeon and the team is the best. This is their expertise and they are just wonderful. Knowing about the “team” approach at Mayo and how that orchestrated our experience is key. The staff who care for him after surgery was wonderful. Good at communicating and instructing about what was next or what to expect. We didn’t have complications but I’m sure that would have been handled right as well. We are so grateful we could make this choice and since we live here in the Midwest and always had the idea of Mayo if we needed this kind of care we are so thankful that Mike is doing great.


Also Mike has already been out walking daily more than 2 miles and today we did a short bike ride. The type of surgery VATS really makes this type of recovery possible. Initially or until after the surgery we were really more frightened of surgery and how life would change. We both understand better now that the thing to be scared about is Cancer and finding the best way to a cure is the right way to go about it.


Best wishes. I had VATs at Mayo 6 months ago and have the same pillow!!!! I was off all pain medication in 5 days.
Don't forget the breathing/coughing exercises!!!

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