Mayo Clinic Florida - Advice about working remotely while on campus?

Posted by kooroo @kooroo, Jul 6, 2021

Navigating stage IIIb bladder cancer with my mother, plus other family health issues. Mom lives about 30 min from Mayo Florida so that is lucky

Does anyone have experience navigating Mayo Clinic campus? I need to keep working while I am helping my family so looking for:
Good places to work while she is having a procedure or treatment?
Place to have a (quiet/respectful) conference call while she is having a procedure or treatment?
Is there anywhere I can heat up a lunch I bring for myself or do I have to pack something cold or eat at the cafeteria?

Any other suggestions?

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I work at the Mayo Clinic while my husband has some procedures. I have asked for space at conference rooms and they told me it is not allowed since COVID. I try to find places with electrical outlets and at the end of waiting rooms to have some privacy. Lately, I have found that there are areas where you do not find internet so I use my hot-spot. The cafeterias have microwaves where you can warm food. I hope this helps.


Perfect! Thank you – knowing there is a microwave is a huge help.


There are some – I call cubby holes – where you can have a laptop and have a little privacy. They are very small but I have used them and they serve the purpose. Privacy = 8 out of 10. Noise – depending on the traffic to the restrooms it can be fairly quiet
The ones I am mostly familiar with are in the Davis building to the left of the receptionist desk near the restrooms.
The Bundy Cafe (main food place the Davis building) is also near.

I did learn from @genocurt 's post about the availability of microwaves. Been going to Mayo since 2009 and just learned this from Mayo Connect!!
A great place for info.

Larry H


So this is not exactly about the Mayo in Florida – but I wanted to add a tip that helped me when I was accompanying my mother in a hospital or clinical stay for an extended time – remember the hot water tap in the cafe! I would bring my favorites and have in a travel mug (those instant coffees that I never buy or even hot chocolate / instant coffee "mochas" ) For lunch, my go- to was those ramen noodle soups- in the foam cups- that just need hot water. I would get a cup of water from the coffee bar or help myself from the cafeteria (with permission). Now it was also winter in the midwest – but having some warm soup was such a game changer for me spending all day in the (coldish) hospital. I sometimes would hang out in my car and journal / color or meditate. Kind Regards, Kristin

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