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Posted by azzalane11 @azzalane11, May 5, 2022

An RN has suggested I use Plexus Pink Drink to help me recover from having a baby, COVID, and a broken leg in the past year. She swears the Mayo clinic endorses it. She's only been able to show me information on the Plexus site claiming this. Can I get the list of Mayo Clinic endorsed supplements from someone here?

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First, Plexus Pink Drink is not endorsed, approved or recommended by Mayo Clinic - here is the official policy on product endorsement:

Plexus is a multi-level marketing company, and their products, classified as supplements, are not tested or approved by the FDA. Here is an article describing the ingredients in the Pink Drink and the reported benefits and risks of each:,and%20white%20mulberry%20fruit%20extract.

The Registered dietitian who wrote the review makes the following recommendation: "Learning to implement a lifestyle that includes a balanced eating plan, physical activity, stress reduction, and plenty of sleep is a healthier approach than using unproven, expensive, and untested supplements that may do more harm than good."

As always when it comes to supplements, which are not subject to being tested and approved by the FDA, do your research and make sure your doctor approves of any changes like this - especially after the challenging year you have had.

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