Mayo Appointments: Brain Tumor 48-hour Access Program

Posted by rosannen @rosannen, Apr 19, 2019

I know I read something about the Mayo Clinic having a 48 hour appointment window for people who have brain tumors. Can anyone give me more info on that?

I know someone who is seeing a neurologist at the Mayo and they will not refer her to a Neurosurgeon even though she was diagnosed with a Meningioma. They told her to follow up in a year but she wants to hear more about it since she really wasn’t given any info when she was there.

I’ve had a completely different experience than she has. I’m not sure why she is being denied a visit with a Neurosurgeon when she was told by a neurologist at the Mayo that she has a Meningioma. When I made an appointment at Mayo I was given an appointment for Neuro oncologist and a Neurosurgeon without any issue at all. In fact, they told me these are the people I need to see with this type of tumor.

Any suggestions for her or help would be appreciated.



Thank you Colleen young. We will call.

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Hello @rose4622
I hope your daughter is getting treatment. If you can provide an update, I'd love to hear from you.

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