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Posted by lesliedonovan @lesliedonovan, May 18 11:17am

I have breast cancer complicated by a number of other unrelated disability factors. I have tried but am unable to get a second opinion consult at Rochester or AZ Mayo Clinic and was advised to look at the Alumni network to see if I can find any Mayo alumni in my area. I tried a basic search with City and State on the Alumni network page but nothing comes up. I am in Albuquerque, NM, which is not a huge city but I am surprised there are 0 Mayo alumni here. I'm wondering if I am missing something in how to find such alumni. Any thoughts?

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@lesliedonovan, there are a few options that may help.

Search the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association
Call Mayo Clinic appointments They can help find alumni.

Consider contacting Mayo Clinic Care Network member CHRISTUS St. Vincent in New Mexico


Thanks, Colleen!

I did search Mayo Clinic Alumni Association And, Mayo Clinic appointments told me I needed to check the Alumni Association myself as they couldn't help with that.

But I haven't tried CHRISTUS St. Vincent in New Mexico. So, I will try that next!


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