Malignant melanoma of the choroid in the eye

Posted by twocents @twocents, Nov 1, 2018

My husband was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in his eye last May. He had a radioactive plate inserted in his eye for four days the beginning of June. The melanoma has a 50% chance of spreading to the lungs, lymph nodes and liver. Has anyone in this group experienced this diagnosis?

My daughter is only 26 and was just diagnosed with a Choroidal Melanoma. She gets the PET scan this week and then the radiation oncologist will put in the order for the plaque radiation to be constructed for her and then put on her eye. She hasn't had any vision loss and discovered it through a routine eye exam. We just found out all of this 1 week ago. We have already been to 4 different doctors. It is overwhelming for her, but I am angry. Angry that a 26-year-old mom of a 2-year-old has to get something that is so uncommon for her age. They are looking at her like they had never seen this before, and in all fairness, they don't know what the prognosis is because most studies only go out 10-15 years after diagnosis. Well, that only puts her at 40! As her mom, I am feeling so helpless and I know they are moving fast enough but for me, it isn't. I still have more questions, so we keep messaging the place to get answers but I can't find a consensus online about certain things. Except, yeah – 50% chance of spreading to the liver over her lifetime. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! I cannot handle those odds right now. I am stuck in the anger phase. I am snapping at my family – (not her) but wear a mask at work all week of "yes, thank you, I am ok. just pray" and I want to just scream and shout. Sorry for venting but I don't have anywhere or anyone else to spill this out to right now. Please know I am keeping everyone who is dealing with this cloud over their life in my thoughts and prayers, but how do you keep going – is it like looking over your shoulder, or did you eventually move away from these feelings… It is so new for us right now. My poor girl.


Hi @treychic and welcome to Connect. It must be so heart-breaking to be going through this with your daughter. I hope that you can find some comfort interacting with this community who will always allow you to vent and get your anger out on the situation you are currently in.

I wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect member @twocents who has experience with this cancer and may be able to provide you support.

Back to you @treychic how is your daughter coping with all of this?

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