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Mac lung disease

Posted by @debbiet in MAC & Bronchiectasis, Feb 25, 2015

My husband was just diagnosed with MAC and put on the cocktail of three drugs they give to treat the disease.
After day one on the drugs he was miserable he was fatigued couldn't eat and was just miserable. He was suppose to be on these 6 pills three days a week . Any body have this experience


Posted by @judyo, Apr 4, 2016

Yes, I have had MAC twice. My 1st lung doctor told me to try some antibiotics, and if they didn't work--we'd try some more--because I was going to be on 3 antibiotics for 2 yrs & I had to be able to tolerate them. Have him talk to his doctor about his symptoms.


Posted by @turtle3656, Jun 20, 2016

New resources -including a hotline to talk to someone at as well as other educational materials on You may also look into joining an ongoing trial for patients with MAC

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