MAC and atelectasis

Posted by Denise @dcathell, May 26, 2017

My pulmonologist has informed me that I have a section of my mid/lower right lung with atelectasis (which will not recover). He has suggested possible lobectomy to remove this portion as it is a breeding ground for infections. Anyone had this done or have similar situation?

Hi Denise,
I’m tagging @jewel8888 @katemn and @kwilbur, who have written about atelectasis along with MAC. Also @joanney and @dixer who have had lobectomies. I hope that they will be able to provide some insight from their experiences with infection and surgery.

I had a r middle lobe lobectomy and a left lingula. Went to National Jewish and surgery done at Colorado University where they do minimal incisions. Only way to go/ Dr Mitchell is an excellent surgeon and he is the only one that does this less invasive surgery.I flew home both times after 4 days

Dcathell…..when I attended the sept 2016 NTM workshop at NJH, Dr Mitchel the thoracic surgeon gave an excellent presentation on his VAT Surgery ( where whole chest does not have to be opened to remove parts of lung) It is a video on
National…also on YouTube.
At lunch I sat with two amazingly healthy vivacious looking women who had had the surgery and were discussing their exercise routines! TDrell

That’s the surgery I had twice. Fast recovery. very small scars barely noticeable


That’s the surgery I had twice. Fast recovery. very small scars barely noticeable

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Did you feel any improvement in breathing afterwards?

I never really had a problem breathing. My lobes were dead bacteria growers. I do know that I have been MAC free since the surgery.

@dcathell , Hi there. I was reading over past posts in search of folks that started a conversation, but then got left hanging, so to speak. I care about every member on this forum and like to know how things turn out for those that visit here with questions such as yours. I am curious if you are going through with a VAT procedure or did you already? Your input can help so many others. I hope this message finds you well, and I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Terri M.

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