Lymphoma cells in mesenteric lymph node

Posted by marib @marib, 3 days ago

Hello, I had an endoscopy with ultrasound a few weeks ago. An enlarged node was seen in a June CT scan. I have lost 42 pounds without trying, in a short period of time. A needle biopsy was taken from node which showed lymphoma cells. The pathologist recommended removing the node for further characterization. The doctor did not agree. I then had many lab tests that all were normal. Then had a second opinion with a hematologist oncologist. I really like and trust this doctor, but he said he doesn’t have an answer to the biopsy results. My mother died from Multiple Myeloma. Anyone with this experience? Recommendations?

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Hi @marib, first let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your mother. That’s a special void in the heart which will never be filled. Losing anyone in our immediate family from cancer tends to create that underlying feeling that it can happen to us. I grew up with that experience too, so I can appreciate the sense of urgency you’re feeling with not getting any answers after learning that the enlarged node found contains lymphoma cells.

I’m just trying to learn a little more about your situation. Losing 42 pounds without trying would raise the eyebrows a little. Were you having symptoms besides the weight loss that prompted the CT scan in June? Was this CT of your abdominal area including your stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, etc? You mentioned having a recent endoscopy. Was this a followup to the CT scan and was this when the biopsy taken?
The biopsy on that node could be very useful. The pathologist said it contained lymphoma cells and suggested removal to characterize the types of cells found. That can be crucial to a diagnosis. It sounds like your primary care doctor said no to removal but your new oncologist is undecided? Is the oncologist ordering removal of that node or doing any more testing?
How are your other blood tests results? Did you have liver and kidney panels and they were normal?

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