Posted by nana43 @nana43, Dec 11, 2022

Hi! I just did my first bronchoscopy to check for MAC clearance after 5 months of treatment. (I have mild Bronchiectasis as well). While cultures may take 6 weeks, preliminary blood work showed that my lymphocytes were very high. My doc had suspected I had sarcoidosis too but messaged me that he now wasn’t worried about that. My own “research” points to hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Anyone experienced this or high Lymphocytes- and can offer any wisdom?

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@nana4 Hi Dee –
I had hoped someone else might answer, because I really couldn't remember what was going on with my lymphocyte counts back in 2018, and I don't have ready access to the tests any longer.

I looked at some studies (they are small & specific) of lymphocyte response in NTM (non-tubercular mycobacteria, of which MAC is one) and there is a correlation. The most relevant was this:
What it says is that lymphopenia (too LOW a count) is an indicator that NTM will reoccur. So perhaps your doctor's research led him to the conclusion that your high lymphocyte count indicates that your lymph glands are working ovetime to help fight your infection.

Have you asked why he concluded why you do not have sarcoidosis? Before my MAC was diagnosed, all my inflammatory indicators were high, and that was considered as a possible diagnosis, too – later rejected.

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