lung nodules

Posted by fotula @fotula, Apr 2 2:44pm

Has anyone been told they have lung nodules that were incidental findings while undergoing routine testing?

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Yes, these can be stable over time so not a problem if that is the case.


Yes. I had CT that also showed the 2 nodules and a follow up a year later that showed a worsening infectious process.


@fotula Hello, I popped in to say that lung nodules can mean many things - or nothing.
When a radiologist reads a CT, they report all of their "findings" to the doctor - not having the patient's medical history in had, they do not know what might be significant.

Some causes of nodules - "artifacts" of prior pneumonia, other lung infections or long-term exposure to substances like sawdust or paper dust, indication of a current infection, evidence of some lung conditions, and (rarely) cancer.

Your primary should be made aware of this CT, evaluate and refer you if necessary. The most usual approach with small nodules is "watch and wait" - with a repeat image in 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your other health issues and risks.

What did your provider have to say?


Yes, I get scanned every year, accidentally learning that I'd cracked two ribs from falling in the woods.
Gotta be careful crossing the creek!


@fotula -- Hi. My wife has them too.

The goal of her treatment is to ensure they're not changing... so she gets yearly CT scans that provide good information on their current status. Depending on the type / status of the nodules, the scans may be ordered more frequently.

Don't know if you are / were a smoker. But it's certainly recommended that you not smoke (cigs or anything else), and avoid environments harmful to your lungs (second-hand smoke, or any other noxious fumes).

Good luck!



I have nodules too. We did a followup CT scan after 6 months and there was no change. My doctor explained that most people have them. I smoked for many years (quit over 25 years ago) and with all the 'garbage" we breathe in, it's not unusual to find them.. But followups are important, just in case...

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