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Posted by mykmyk @ivan13za, Aug 20 5:13am

I am in my late 70s but am still sexually active. Last weekend was unusually so and a few days ago I noticed a small lump had appeared on my penis. It is painless and seems slightly elongated rather than round and I am 99% convinced it is a lymphocele.

Treatment advice seem to focus on going without sex for 6-10 weeks (very difficult for me and, I suggest most other men) and allowing nature to take its course and heal the lump over time. Some suggest a mild anti-inflammatory as well.

Are there any other treatment options?

My initial thought is that if it is caused by a blockage in the lymph system a penis pump, which promoted blood flow and probably widens blood vessels might also widen the lymph ducts and so help clear the blockage. N.B. I am not suggesting you do this if you have a lymphocele – get advice.

Am I way off course on this or is it a possibility? Has anybody had experience here.

BTW. If the lump does not diminish within the next month I will be seeing my Doc.

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@ivan13za, I don't have any experience with a lymphocele but I think you are not off course with your thinking. I think it's good that you are planning to see your doctor if it doesn't go away on it's own. Here's some information on the topic.

"Do lymphocele lumps go away?
Lymphoceles happen when lumps or swelling appear on your penis after you have sex or masturbate. They result from blockage in your lymph channels, which carry clear lymph fluid throughout your body to help your immune system. These lumps usually go away shortly after they appear and don't need to be treated."
— Lump on Penis: Possible Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments:


Thank you John. I have looked at the advice on Healthline and it is much as I thought. I have also seen advice suggesting gentle pressure and warmth be applied but if it goes away quickly the best course of action is to simply see how thigs go over the next few days.

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