Lowering below 2 mg of prednisone

Posted by sued70 @sued70, Apr 12 2:17pm

Trying to lower my dose from 2mg by .5 and feeling crummy. Only slight stiffness in neck but not hungry and stomach just feels off. Is this withdrawal from the prednisone and I just have to push through it and if so – how long does that last? Days? Week? I know everyone is different.

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Sadly I think you may have answered part of your own question – everyone is different. I never had the not hungries but I did have times when the stomach felt a little off but I couldn't chalk it up to withdrawal from prednisone. Hopefully others can share their experience on withdrawal. Mine was always associated with more PMR type pains and aches. You also might find the following article helpful
— How to Reduce Prednisone Withdrawal Symptoms – Determining the Appropriate Tapering Strategy:

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