Low frequency hearing test

Posted by leia50 @leia50, Sep 6, 2022

Hello, I posted before regarding being able to hear a bass thumping 24/7. When I had my hearing tested, the audiologist said the test only went to 200 Hz. Given my problem in hearing far below this, is there a test to prove what I am hearing? Is there an audiologist who specializes in this problem, anywhere? Normal noises do not not bother me; it is strictly the bass frequency. Thank you.

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Hi Leia, supposing you have a test for low frequency sound and it is agreed
that you do indeed have low frequency hearing loss, then presumably the noises you are hearing are from tinnitus as a result of your low frequency hearing loss? Speaking as someone who has low sounding tinnitus as well as high range tinnitus I find that the low range noises are harder to mask. However perhaps your noises are from a different cause than tinnitus. Have you had medical tests beyond a hearing test to investigate your problem?

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