Low cervix

Posted by lyss @lyss, Aug 19 7:29pm

My OBGYN told me I have a lower than normal cervix. I’m wondering how this will affect me in the future? When I decide to start having sex? Pregnancy?

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Good evening @lyss. Greetings and welcome to Connect. My name is Chris and I just have to tell you that I never thought I would come across this subject…."low cervix". Would you believe that 58 years ago I received the same diagnosis from my OBGYN? I was living in New Orleans and was about 5 months pregnant.

Because of its low placement, the cervix began to open and my fetus was starting to arrive a few months early. I was rushed into surgery and the cervix was sewn shut. That meant I had to have a Caesarian and she began to arrive again one month early. This was during Hurricane Hilda and I had to stay in the hospital because there were no groceries in the markets. I remember watching dishes and furniture flying by the windows. We had generators running throughout the maternity ward because there was no electricity.

Everything went well…….and next month on September 30, my daughter will be 58 years old. I don't remember having any problem becoming pregnant.

What are you most worried about? I do remember that cervix closure surgery was rather new at that time and my story was written for one of the medical journals.

So….I don't think there should be any issues considering how much technology has continued to be inventive. Good luck to you as you enter this very exciting part of a woman's life.

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.

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