Loteprednol Etabonate ophthalmic gel 0.5%

Posted by debbiedeb57 @debbiedeb57, Sep 24, 2023

I had right eye cateract surgery 10 day's ago. I'm using eye drops properly and I don't understand why my eye hurts and stings 11 day's later...is this normal. Do I now have dry eye? Is this all normal.. everyone I spoke to before surgery said there's nothing to it. There's a lot to it for me anyway ..I'm miserable.

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I had narrow angle glaucoma 10 yrs ago...which angles were opened with laser treatment. I never used moxyfloxacin before. The burning pain went away last week but I still need drops 10 more days.

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Glad to hear that. I had glaucoma surgery Xen procedure and that medicine left me with burning watery painful eye and killed the eye tissue around the tube resulting in further vision loss . It’s been a nightmare


Oh geez I'm so sorry to hear that. Before surgery everyone told me there's nothing to it. Well, for me not the case. The corner of my eye is still sore where incision is. I'm seeing my regular eye doctor Friday. I truly believe this steroid med is giving me dry eye or something.


I am 8 month post cataract surgery. My dry eye condition has improved greatly. However my up and down double vision persisted. It improves when I squint. I did not have double vision before the surgery. I since moved to a new city and saw an ophthalmologist, and was told I had a good surgery and everything was fine. Did not address the double vision at all.

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