Looking for others who have latent tuberculosis (TB)

Posted by flor @flor, Apr 29, 2016


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Hi Penny, Julie is real name. Their nurse called and recommended I call the specialist at MUSC, and now waiting on them to figure all this out. Fortunately my family is safe and I can't spread it so them being tested is unnecessary. Best wishes to you as well, I'm off to rest after long day.


My wife was diagnosed with latent TB and prescribed a daily treatment of rifampin 300mg, pyrazinamide 500mg, isoniazid 300mg, and ethambutol 400mg. She had no significant negative side effects for the first few weeks taking the medication. Recently she had an episode of constant vomiting where she could not even drink water without vomiting. We’re not sure if the vomiting was a medication side effect but during my research when she was sick I noted to her that apparently pyrazinamide is not recommended for the treatment of latent tb, and since then she’s been skipping that medication. Her vomiting stopped (whether or not it was due to pyrazinamide is unknown) and she claims her doctor suggested the pyrazinamide was optional (which I will confirm soon) but I’m wondering if she’s forgoing better treatment by dropping this medication. Thanks for any advice.


About a month ago, while getting my testing complete to begin Nursing Clinicals, my TB titer cane back positive for latent TB. I was immediately called in for an xray, which came back clear, but was told i needed a 3moth course of meds! 9 pills(3of one, and 6 of another) once weekly. I was told side effects would be slim to none.
Well thats a gross understatement. I have been severly fatigued, emotional, nauseated, and have had no appetite which has caused weightloss. Is this normal? Not only this but my anxiety and panic attacks have been at an all time high!
And not only do i have latent, but my 14 yr old daughter does too! Shes on her secomd week of tge nine pill regimine, and seems good so far.
I was told by my primary care to stop my course with 6 weeks left and they set me up with an appt with an infectious disease specialist. Im sick amd discouraged. Any advice for a Poor Honey B ?

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