Anyone use Cannabis for long COVID?

Posted by wbbill @wbbill, Jun 20, 2023

Has anyone used canabis for long covid?

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No but does it help?

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I use the MJ tinctures. It doesn’t necessarily deplete the pain but I have a floating feeling that helps take away the focus of the pain


We use to enable better sleep. Indica not sativa.


I use the sativa strain, (tincture, pills, I don't vape) to give me the energy to stay out of bed all day. It helps with my mood, keeping the depression at bay. Indica at night to help with insomnia. Topical creams, help the sting of the pins and needles in my legs.


It is the only way that my body will relax enough to allow me to digest or eat anything without veer, retching or vomiting… Or the opposite!

I can’t eat the edibles because they don’t work well with my digestive track now, so if I smoke it, it at least allows me to get some nourishment in my body because my stomach doesn’t hurt for that brief to our period.


@wbbill I suffered with severe anxiety before going to sleep. I take a gummie with CBN in it which helps with anxiety and calms me, about 2 hours before going to sleep.
I hope you are getting relief.


I have used CBD gummies. It helps with pain, my mood and sleep. I don't do this all the time but would recommend. Nothing takes away all of my pain. I have learned to live with a certain level of pain, but when it is out of control I need anything and everything that can help or I am bedridden.

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