Lockjaw after sinus cancer surgery

Posted by lindst427 @lindst427, May 14 7:49pm

Hi everyone. I’m new and here on behalf of my mother who was diagnosed with sinus cancer last year. She had surgery in November 2020 and they removed 4-5 upper teeth and took a bone out of her leg to rebuild jaw. She’s having complications- can’t open her mouth and isn’t getting any answers. Has anyone else gone through something like this?

After radiation I had to have a tracheotomy put in my throat ended up closing to were I can never swallow even a sip of water again for the rest of my life I have to eat from a stomach feeding tube they can’t operate due to the surgeons saying my throat will tear and I will die I don’t understand how I was given 33 radiation treatments the same as a 250 lb man when I was 110 lbs , I will pray for your mother and wonder what must have gone wrong in her case prayers you find answers


Hi @lindst427 and welcome. @emmie86 and @alpaca may have some ideas to help your mother.

Lind, have you and your mom considered getting a second opinion? Is she eating through a trach? What suggestions has her team offered to help with mobility of her jaw?


Hi @lindst427 It's not uncommon for this "trismus" to occur after head and neck surgery or radiation. I have it myself but can open my mouth just enough to eat and have dental treatment – it's tricky though. There are stretching exercises but of course I don't know you mother's problem exactly. I think a speech language pathologist/therapist should be able to help her with this.
It's so disappointing when side effects like this occur. I hope you can get some answers soon.

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