Lock down from COVID and Depression

Posted by susu2 @susu2, Feb 4, 2021

I have now been home without seeing friends except virtually for a year. Yes, I felt sick a year ago after being out all day doing errands and finding new destinations, feeding my soul. I had a slight fever. I may have gotten a chill since it was an unseasonably warm day. Then COVID hit and I live in Washington. I have had no symptoms,not been tested, I am a cancer survivor. My legs and body have gotten progressively more shaky. Been to a few doctor appointments and gotten a referral to an orthopedist,whom I saw yesterday. He told me that the problem is that I am not moving enough, that I am not strengthening my muscles and that what is happening is that my shakiness is self-induced. (I have fallen twice and now have a walker,provided by the wonderful Lions Club).
How much of this is physical and how much psychological? I really feel weak. My back aches,my toes are numb, my mind confused, I don’t sleep well. I call a few friends but don’t mention any of this. I am 79 and very aware that my next birthday is 80. I don’t know how to suddenly become my old self: active,in charge of things,interested in many subjects. I can’t even read for any length of time.
My husband is supportive but HIMSELF ACTIVE. He walks early in the morning,meets friends there,reads and belongs to a book club. The housework is suffering. He goes grocery shopping and cooks but ignores the dust and disruption of my messes.
I am on the list for the vaccine but it is not readily coming. I feel trapped in a mindset because I feel weak from inactivity. Where do you start?

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@susu2 Yea, we sure do have our mountains. And the soreness and anxiety that comes along when we first start moving. Check out the post by @contentandwell —she posted an exercise video that’s good for us ‘older’ folks. You might also ask your doctor for a referral to physical therapy to help you get started moving.
I know you can do it! Just the fact that you’re talking about getting moving really means something. Just a few steps today and a few more tomorrow. You go, girl!

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@becsbuddy @susu2 Joanna Marcinekova has many more similar videos. I don’t use hers often but I do subscribe to her channel.

I generally do Jenny McClenden’s videos. She caters to over 50 and beginners but if you can stand when you exercise, she’s great and does offer accommodations for people who are not up to doing exactly what she does. Shellea Fowler, who is in Australia, also has some good videos but my personal favorite is Jenny, who also happens to be a physical therapist which gives me confidence that she is doing the right things.

There are so many excellent exercise videos on YouTube, even Jane Fonda has good ones that revolve around walking. If you go to YouTube and do a search for something like “senior fitness” or “chair exercises” I’m sure you will find many.

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