Locator clips placed during lumpectomy for radiation therapy

Posted by healinhand @healinhand, Feb 18, 2023

I’m interested in how many people where provided information in there chart’s regarding the placement, quantity, and type of clip that was placed in there breast, axilla during surgery?

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When I read this recall this morning, I thought of this conversation. If you have a reaction or have been harmed by these clips you should consider reporting it as this helps guide the folks that try to protect the next generation of breast cancer patients.


I had a metal clip put in during biopsy at one medical facility. I decided to go to a comprehensive cancer center and they put in their own ultrasound guided magnetic seed prior to surgery as that is the system they use to locate the cancer during surgery. Both of these were removed, and is noted in the after surgery pathology report.
Another marker was placed that was used during radiation, not sure what type. The area where the cancer was removed moved slightly between the completion of surgery and the beginning of radiation. Mt guess is that there was a lot of tissue changes during surgery. I had a lumpectomy and mastoplexy (breast reduction) at the same time. So there was quite a bit of slicing and dicing.
I have a copy of where I received radiation. The oncology radiologist offered it without my asking. See attached. You can see where the marker is, at the bullseye. The multicolored lines show the various layers of radiation - the areas farther from the cancer got less, more at ground zero.
Maybe you could ask for a copy like this of the radiation? You are welcome to show this graphic to them.

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