Liver mets and liver blood tests for pancreatic cancer recurrence?

Posted by asingh90 @asingh90, Jun 2, 2022

Hello everyone, I had a question for those that have pancreatic cancer recurrence in the liver following the Whipple surgery. Upon discovery of the liver recurrence, did your liver enzyme blood test numbers (ALT, AST, Alk Phos, bilirubin, albumin etc.) rise at all? Or were they they same as they were prior to the recurrence? If the liver mets got larger or increased in number, how did the liver blood test numbers react? Thank you so much for the support!

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My Alk. Phos. has been elevated since the beginning of Chemo post Whipple. The other liver enzymes have remained in normal range. Albumin is low along with Hemoglobin and RBC count. I did get two units of packed red cells about a month ago that brought me up to 10.5 for Hemo from 6.9 . I try to eat extra egg whites, etc to help hold the albumin levels. All part of liver tumor issue.


@asingh90, good questions. Did you see @bb21's response?

Asingh90, how do your liver enzyme blood test fluctuate in relation to the lesions on your liver? What adjustments have been made to treatments?

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