Livedoid vasculopathy

Posted by angelasmom @angelasmom, Aug 3, 2011

Looking for people with the rare blood clot and leg and foot ulcer disease of Livedoid Vasculopathy. Mayo seems to be experienced at treating this disease so I thought I would find you here, I have it.

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I'm on Eliquis also. It's causing SEVERE muscle spasms everywhere 2-4 times every hour, all day and night. I've never had an issue with any medication but it has to be the Eliquis. It was a very sudden onset. Within a week of being put on it I had the most bizarre onset of neuropathy (numbness) in my toes. I'm young (59 y/o) and besides my episode of Atrial Fib (now resolved for 3.5 months) I've never had any health issues. They've ruled out other causes. I'm also having twitching of muscles and a feeling of general weakness. This is very remarkable because I could formerly unload our truck with a pallet of 50# horse feed bags and stack them easily. Now I feel weak. But the muscle spasms are really the worst of it. They are all over my body in weird muscles but have even had them in my hamstrings and it's brought me to the floor screaming. Your muscle spasms may be from the Eliquis?

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Could you possibly ask your doctor to switch you to Xarelto? It is a blood thinner my husband takes for AFib.

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