Levothyroxine Injections due to MCAS and allergy to oral meds

Posted by dshultz915 @dshultz915, Oct 27 2:39pm

Has anyone else tried injectable levothyroxine due to an allergy or intolerance to oral options? I am hypothyroid and have been taking oral levothyroxine daily for 25 years, which has tremendously irritated my stomach and GI tract and caused mast cell activation syndrome. I react to every single oral option available (tablets, capsules and liquid). I’ve tried compounded, but it doesn’t work well and also causes problems. My symptoms are stomach upset, acid reflux, sliding hiatal hernia, GI inflammation/bloating, intense flushing & stinging in face, neck, shoulders and arms, mottled skin, rash on my scalp, eye swelling, eye burning, headache, fatigue, etc. I’m allergic to the cellulose in ALL tablets, pork gelatin in the capsules, sugar alcohols in the liquid, etc. Oral is no longer an option, but I can’t live without this hormone. My endo and I are discussing injections. Would love to talk to someone who is already using them! Thanks…

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