Leukopenia ( low white blood count)

Posted by finsmom2018 @finsmom2018, Feb 22, 2020

Have had this for almost 6 months. Can’t be around groups of people the are sick, flu, kids etc. difficult to get N95 masks since the current out break. Any suggestions on how to raise my WBC??

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Yes my white blood count is always low and so is my red blood count. I have a doctors appointment Friday for my lab results. Medications can make your white blood count and I do have a med that can lower your white blood count. If you are on meds check all your meds online

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@dablues , im not on any meds, and my red count is good…its just this one white cell, supposedly very important. Hope your next labs are better!


My white blood cells have been low ever since I have kept my lab test results back in 1996. Seeing these former results was important, because my oncologist feels like a low level of white blood cells may be “normal” for me. It did drop lower 2 or 3 times in the 2 years when I got pneumonia 2 times in 3 months and had to take multiple doses of antibiotics. The doctor I was with then did not treat my pneumonia aggressively enough and I got it again, so the second time I went to Urgent Care and that doctor was very upset that my pneumonia hadn’t been even diagnosed “the former doctor just said he could hear multiple pockets of infection in my lungs” much less no X-ray, etc. etc. The Urgent Care doctor gave me the correct antibiotics, an X-ray, and a shot of ? I felt better in days, but my oncologist took one look at my blood test and said “What happened? Your white blood cells are very low!” Apparently when you take antibiotics it kills white blood cells so it’s especially important to stay healthy!
Now during this time of Covid and flu season, I have to be even more careful not to catch anything. I got my high dose flu shot and always wear my mask when I go out and only go in an environment I can control, like distancing and cleanliness, etc.
PS I also have Thrombocytopenia which is low red blood cells. My Oncologist said to eat more red meat and to not try to diet so much, but eat more variety of foods.
Hope this information helps!


My husband was first diagnosed with MM because of low white blood counts. Now after 3 years and a MDS diagnosis, if we can get him to 1500 neutrophils we are excited. Because of treatment his are usually well below that. This week he was at 288. When his drops below 500 he has to take a preventative antibiotic. He has stayed very healthy during this whole year. He takes a vitamin C, zinc and probiotic morning and night. He also started taking a vitamin D to see if we can boost his hemoglobin. Big thing with low WBC we do is same as corabells1 try to be more careful not to catch anything.


Thank you for this information. I know I need more vitamin C, but my stomach will not tolerate the tablet and any citrus fruits. My stomach opening doesn’t close at all so I have to be even more careful.

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