Letrozole and Cholesterol

Posted by Laurie @roch, Jul 8, 2019

I have suggestion for anyone who is going to start letrozole. Ask your doctor about having your LIPIDS / Cholesterol tested prior to starting and then again after you have been on Letrozole for a few months. I did not have tested prior, my dr did not mention that letrozole could increase cholesterol. I had always had to watch my cholesterol but never required medication.

A few months after starting letrozole I had cholesterol tested as part routine check up and was surprised how much it had increase from previous test two years ago. How much of increase was due to letrozole vs diet could not tell because did not test prior to starting new medication. I talked to oncologist and primary dr about. Increase cholesterol is a known side effect of letrozole. After reviewing other factors that contribute to cardiac disease (blood pressure, family history, etc…) they both agreed I should stay on Letrozole and I do not have to start cholesterol meds, YEAH ! Did not need a new medication and new set of side effects.


Thanks for posting this info about the relationship between Letrozole and Cholesterol, and the advice to get LIPIDS / Cholesterol tested. I think @francine6829 @tammyp @elsie37 @geronimo1 @trixie1313 @cathyhand @mom23boys and @vivianvance will be interested to read this info.

@roch, how are you managing the increase in cholesterol levels?

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