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Letrozole and Cholesterol

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I have arthritis in both knees and hands.
I never had any knee pain except very unusually wth a season change.
I have taken Glucosamine 1,500 mg andCondroitin 1,200 for years 2 times a day + 2 capsules of hyaluronic acid (collagen) + Arthro Max NT2 Collagen & ApresFlex 2 capsules.

But, since I have had Covid in October, I have knee and joint pains, finger pain and elbow pain. Not really bad, but when I wake up.
This is one of the effects of Covid as it effects the bones and joints.

I am continuing the above as it does help. I have not even started Lestrolze yet which causes this pain also.

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One other important item I found helps is vitamin D level. Prior to having breast cancer, my primary used to monitor my vitamin D levels. I was on the low end of normal range, in the 30's. Most doctors even now tell me that is fine. When I was boosted for a 6 week period my levels went dramatically to the higher limits of normal, in the low 60's. Dramatic improvement in my general arthritic discomfort. My depression and energy improved greatly. I'm not a doctor but I'm just saying… Because of my cancer surgeries and a doctor who didn't like that I was taking supplements, I discontinued all of them for 5 months pre and post op. My vitamin D level was just checked and it is down in the 30's….still within normal limits but feeling fatigued, depressed, and achy all over which I blamed solely on the leterozole. You are not on it yet so maybe you should consider this. I started my vitamins again and 1 month later my vit. D level is in the high 40's…My aches and pains, depression, and fatigue are melting away. I wish the medical community would pay more attention to vitamin D levels and start studies as I believe the range needs to be better defined and individualized. I hope this helps you "timely".