Left chest lower rib cage pain moving upwards

Posted by ak999 @ak999, Jul 31, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Ayan and I'm 28 years old. I have been going through the ongoing left chest lower ribcage/chest pain which moves around and goes to the back(sometimes) for the last 10 months. I went to ER 3 times, they did chest X-ray, EKG(probably 4 times) and found nothing suspicious. They relieved me asking to find a primary care doctor for proper diagnosis. So, I booked an appointment with primary care and he did a LIPID PANEL test (the results looked good) and asked me to put ICY HOT (pain relieving) cream on the chest areas that hurt. I used it for a while and found out that it gives temporary relief but the the pain doesn't go away. Also, if the pain is like 7 or 8 out of 10 it doesn't really help. Then, he did a bunch of tests like MAGNESIUM, HIV-1/2 AG/AB INITIAL SCREENING, HEMOGLOBIN A1C, COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PANEL, CBC, HELICOBACTER PYLORI ANTIGEN and the results looked good for each of those tests. He also asked me to take FAMOTIDINE but it didn't really work. He is sure that it is non cardiac given my symptons and sent to Gastroenterology dept. So, the doctor from Gastroenterolog dept asked to take Omeprazole (40 mg) for 2 or 3 weeks. I thought initially the pain was a little less but to my surprise I was was experiencing the same pain I used to have. Then he asked me to take Iberogest(purchased from Amazon) 20 drops with water 3 times a day but I couldn't take it for more than 3 days because I felt heaviness, pressure on my chest/stomach and more pain. He then changed it to FD-gard (over the counter medicine) but again didn't help much. In the mean time, I did an endoscopy So, during Endoscopy they found a small lesion in my gastric antrum and they have sent it out for biopsy and the result was benign. They also recommended to do an Ultrasound Endoscopy to get better pictures of the lesion. I did that too and they said it is too small now (like 1.5 cm) and they won't cut it until it shows growth. They advised me to repeat the procedure in next 6 months. They also said that this MIGHT NOT be the reason for your chest pain. So, now the doctor thinks that the nerves around the esophagus and the stomach might cause the pain and I'm taking despiramine (10 mg) daily for the last 5 days He said he will increase the dose every 3 weeks and it takes time to kick in. Now, I'm on 50 mg Desipramine and FD-gard but nothing seems to help either. The doctor ordered CT scan for my chest, abdomen and pelvis now. He also did a few tests like CRP, SEDIMENTATION RATE AUTOMATED, ANA SCREEN and LIPASE. All the tests were normal except LIPASE (The standard range is 13 – 64 U/L) but for me it was 79 U/L. The doctor said that the pancreas marker is very mildly elevated and it's a little hard to say if this is truly the pancreas issue or not. Also, the results of CAT scan was negative. Yesterday, I went through another round of EUS and the doctor has taken a sample of the lesion found in gastric antrum to identify if it is a GIST or pancreatic rest. (sent out for biopsy) He thinks it is a pancreatic rest. Also, they have taken tissue from esophagus to find out if I have severe acid reflux. Given my lipase level is high and there is a chance that the lesion might be a pancreatic rest the doctor thinks the pain might be coming from the wall of the stomach. Can a pancreatic rest in the antrum cause chest pain?

I sometimes get pain in my right breast and arm when having digestive problems. My doctor thought it might be that my digestive problems were inflaming my liver which was putting pressure on a nerve that travels that route. The only time it happens is when I have lots of bloating.


hi @ak999 I am a 24 year old girl experiencing chest pain that seems very similar to yours, did you ever find relief? thanks!

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Hi @samb33 Honestly, no. But it has reduced a bit or I am used to it by now. The doctor has put on nerve medicines for 3 months(I don't think if it is helping me but the doctor says it takes time without knowing the root cause). Also, by the end of this month I am going to see a doctor from the Pain Management(Department of Anesthesia) here at BMC Let's see how it goes from there.

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