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lechin scerosis

Posted by @cissywells in Skin Health, Aug 23, 2011

Does anyone know anything about this disease?

Tags: Skin Conditions


Posted by @freedom, Sep 3, 2011

I do not, but I did a "search" and found many articles. This link at the bottom has "treatments".


Posted by @cubbycat, May 24, 2012

thanks for the article...looks very helpful


Posted by @allenkaye, Apr 21, 2012

I was diagnosed with this about a year ago..........I have had some problems even tho I was prescribed a steroid ointmint to apply to the area. It's not much fun, Sometimes it doesn't bother me but there are other times that it hurts and is irritating. There's no cure. Do you have this?


Posted by @cubbycat, May 24, 2012

I have this condition also...I wasn't given a steroid cream yet but now I am planning on returning for a checkup and will ask for that...any other info out there from anyone? Would like to see more response from others....

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