Latest Technology in Bicros Hearing Aids

Posted by rdschicago @rdschicago, May 21 8:13am

I lost my four year old Signia bicros aids and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a replacement. I’m deaf in my right ear from Menieres and my left ear has a 40-50 db loss. Thanks for your ideas or suggestions.

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@rdschicago Since you are at a crossroads, it may be a good time to talk to your audiologist about the cochlear implant option. Your 'deaf' ear may qualify for a CI. In the last two years, the qualification standards for CI surgery have been changed considerably to allow more people with single sided sensorineural deafness to go this route.

Through my involvement in HLAA, I have met many people with Meniere's Disease who have had successful cochlear implants.

Has your provider mentioned this option to you?

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