late onset of menopause

Posted by cwms @cwms, Oct 15, 2019

I'm 59 and still getting my period! Anyone else have this? I've been to several doctors and they all have different opinions. Since my mother had ovarian cancer I'm very worried I may get it too. Some doctors suggest I have my ovaries removed, while others suggest low dose birth control pills. I don't really have any menopause symptoms, maybe a rare night sweat. My FSH fluctuates back and forth between 20 and 68 and my Estradiol between 8 and 66. Any help or insight is really appreciated.

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@cwms like @baxtersmom I went through menopause at 57. From what I learned at the time that is more of a positive thing than a negative one. I was somewhat overweight which as said previously can delay menopause so that was probably what caused mine to be late. My periods did get somewhat heavier but the differences were not extreme. I don’t recall having hot flashes until well into the pre-menopausal time.

It sounds as you have been to numerous doctors and none are concerned so perhaps this is not as abnormal as you are thinking it is. The suggestion to see an endocrinologist sounds helpful too.


Hi, a bit late to the topic, no pun intended. I had my last period at age 58. I have been on oral contraceptives since age 17, and have continued on hormones since.

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