Laser treatment for neuropathy?

Posted by pfbacon @pfbacon, Jan 22, 2019

I think I remember that some of you posted about laser treatment for neuropathy but I have looked through 6 months of topics and can’t find anything about it. Have any of you had it and how did it go? I have acute sensory neuropathy and restless leg syndrome in case that matters. There is a doctor here who does it, I have an appointment on Friday to discuss it. Thanks ! Peggy

Have laser treatments helped you?


I had about 6 cold laser treatments. The effects lasted a couple of months (I could wear shoes that I couldn't before).


Do you know the type of laser? There are high and low level, some are labeled hot or cold, class 3 and 4…
So confusing. I am finding chiropractors near me offering this as well. Thank you

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I have been using a Class 3B cold laser home usage unit for my frozen shoulder pain with good results, I can reference you to in Colorado more info.


Some days, my nervous system freaks out and causes me a lot of pain in spite of all the medicines I take. Other days, I only feel pain for an hour three times a day (the hour before the next dose of medicine is due). I would like to find something I could use to stop the pain during the hours when medicine has worn off or isn't adequate. Peggy

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