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Posted by pfbacon @pfbacon, Tue, Jan 22 6:30pm

I think I remember that some of you posted about laser treatment for neuropathy but I have looked through 6 months of topics and can't find anything about it. Have any of you had it and how did it go? I have acute sensory neuropathy and restless leg syndrome in case that matters. There is a doctor here who does it, I have an appointment on Friday to discuss it. Thanks ! Peggy

Hi Peggy @pfbacon, Here is a link to a post in a discussion and then a link provided by another member in a post.

Low Level Laser Therapy Notes/Posts

Felix @swiss

Can Low-Level Laser Therapy Have An Impact For Small Fiber Neuropathy?

I have had low level laser therapy about 4 times beginning March of 17 (12 sessions), June 17 (4 sessions), September 17 (6 sessions) and January of 19 (4 sessions). It helped me quite noticeably the first session. After that it was maintenance to keep the neuropathy in my feet and not let it start traveling up my ankles and lower legs. It seems that about 3 times per year of 4 to 6 sessions work for me. My neuropathy now consists of numbness in the bottom of my feet and a tenderness in the top of my feet that requires only the most comfortable and loose shoes.

I saw the laser doctor today, he's actually a chiropractor but he is licensed to use his new laser machine . He was candid. Laser doesn't exactly cure neuropathy but many patients benefit from it. He said it works better if we only have the beginnings of neuropathy. I'm rather far advanced but it would still do some temporary healing, I would need to do it many times at first, then occasionally as maintenance. He will see how much of it my insurance company will cover and call me on Mon or Tues of next week. Thanks for your input, all of you who shared some experience. Peggy

I had over 2 months of daily laser for Atrophy Blanche *(which I have in addition to neuropathy). I had enormously high hopes,and it may have helped a little, but nowhere near enough. If anyone else had wounds that wouldn't heal (for 2 years on my L. ankles) = please help. Sorry about the laser – maybe it will do better for you. Supermom57

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