Laryngeal crackles

Posted by caseythemedic @caseythemedic, Dec 30, 2021

Hi everyone!
For the past year or so I've had audible crackling sounds at my larynx or thereabouts. Prominently when I am supine but occasionally when I am sitting at a 45° angle. No trauma to the area. It seemed to occur after a bronchial illness, could be incidental.
I am due to see an ENT soon but it takes awhile to get the referral.
No pain, no dysphagia.

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Hi @caseythemedic,
I've heard of bibasilar crackles, or rales which are the sounds the doctor monitors for when listening with a stethoscope on your back and asking you to breathe. Learn more here:
– What You Should Know About Bibasilar Crackles

Bibasilar crackles, as far as I understand, usually originate further down in your lungs. You say that you feel the sound is coming from your larynx. Do you think it may be in your lungs? Is your broncial illness cleared up?

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