Kidney stones: Is surgery necessary?

Posted by c111fidler @c111fidler, Oct 23, 2020

My doctor says I have to have surgery for my three kidney stones I have they all range from 2 to 3 cm in size people that I’ve talked to said that they could be blasted by ultrasound and then I would be able to pass them this doctor says that I need surgery what do you think

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Gregg, I moved your question about delaying treatment to see if the kidney stone will pass on its own to this existing discussion where @c111fidler asked a similar question:
- Kidney stones: Is surgery necessary?

I was good with my decision to take the time to allow the kidney stone to pass without intervention. I shared more of my story in this discussion:
- Kidney stones:

I was prescribed Flomax to help relax or dilate the ureter to encourage the stone to pass more easily. @redcat2109 @jakedduck1 @johnbishop @gingerw and others may have additional experiences to share.

Gregg, I'm glad to hear you are assymptomatic. How was it discovered that you have a kidney stone?

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From CT, ultrasound, and KUB images. I'm about to have another KUB image to see if there's been any change.


Your kidney stone should pass on it's own.
If you have an enlarged prostate that may be a problem depending on how enlarged it is. Flowmax may help as well as Lemon.
Although I've read orange juice is more beneficial than lemon.
If this is a chronic problem potassium citrate may be used to reduce future stones. I don't know how effective if at all it is in treating an existing stone.
I've had 8 calcium oxalate stones but haven't one since starting potassium citrate, occasional lemon juice and daily orange juice.
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My urologist told me my 2 cm stone is too large to pass on its own, but I'm going to have another discussion soon with him.


Oops, sorry about that Gregg.
I must have been thinking of millimeters not centimeters.
Good luck,

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