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merilyn cline

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kidney cancer

Posted by @merilyncline, Aug 9, 2011

I am 41 and I had a mass on my left kidney. They removed the kidney June 24,2011
and said it was stage 3. They said they weren’t sure if they had gone deep enough.
I won’t have a scat scan or pet scan until August 25, 2011.

Went to a cancer center for second opinion. His answer was he wouldn’t do anything
except get a pet scan or cat scan every six months.

This doesn’t male sense to me. The surgeon said they would treat agressively and the second doctor said just get pet scans and cat scans.

I feel fine. Walking five miles a day. Went back to work today. Does any of this make
sense? It was not in my lymph nodes. Any answers. I feel like I should get better



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Posted by @georjeanparrish, Sep 27, 2011

Wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with a TCC kidney cancer at Mayo Clinic AZ and had the total kidney and all associated parts removed. Then find out you are completely cancer free and not a cancer survivor.
If so you need to get your medical records. Because after getting mine and reviewing I have found unbelievable information in them;
My medical records show that I never really had an oncologist involved in my care and that all my doctors notes stated” Pressumed TCC of the Kidney ” op report show only kidney mass & in review of my medical records there is no confirmed cancer diag anywhere in my body prior to total nephrectomy.

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