Posted by caseyk @caseyk, Feb 21, 2019

My nephrologist wants to start me on JYNARQUE. Has anyone had any experience with this med?

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@caseyk, all I know is that it slows down the growth of kidney cysts in people with autosomal polycystic kidney disease. Can you Google it for indications, usage, and side effects? I'd be interested to know what you find out. I'm pulling for you!


Did you decide to take this med? If so, are you having any side effects? I have been on it about 6 was and am having terrible GI issues.


I've been on Jynarque/Tolvaptan for three months now – two months at 45/15 dosage and one month at 60/30. Side effects are increased thirst and increased number of bathroom breaks. It's totally manageable.

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