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Just wondering how long does it take for results on a blood test kit.

Posted by @michaelmeza, Sep 14, 2017

Just wondering how long does it take for results on blood test kit. Sent mine in a week or so. Haven’t received a message yet. Just wondering if I was a possible match for my friend. Thanks


Posted by @rosemarya, Sep 22, 2017

@michaelmeza, Hi Michael. I have just now seen your message, and apologize for the delay in responding. I do not know how long it takes. But I did find this link about starting the process.

Also, here is Mayo’s Information Page about Transplant. You will find Toolkits for both living donor and recipient. There is also a Contact link, in case you are working with Mayo Clinic.

I hope you find some information here to help you.


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Posted by @oldkarl, Sep 23, 2017

@michaelmeza lmeza A quick answer. Most of my CBC and other blood tests are posted on the internet before I can drive home, about 30 minutes. Some take a couple weeks or more. You can Goggle Blood Tests information and get a site that tells about most tests, but each lab is different.


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Posted by @michaelmeza, Sep 23, 2017

Thanks I have the Mayo app. I figured it would take a while. Just wondering if I was a possible match. I will just be patient.

Posted by @rosemarya, Oct 2, 2017

@michaelmeza, Michael, This is the time of the year that I am most sensitive to those who are beginning the transplant process. I began my initial evaluation during the early autumn. It was 9 years ago, and yet the emotions are like it happened yesterday. So I want to check in. and let you and your friend know that you both are in my thoughts. I hope your friend is doing ok, and I hope that you are getting some information that you seek.
Keep in mind that no matter what your results – that you are an example of Hope to all of those who are/or will need a transplant.


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Posted by @mrmaid11, Oct 1, 2017

About a year ago I had a problem with bed wetting. Never a problem except when I’m asleep. Saw urologist who tried me on a variety of meds. None which helped. Then did a 12 week PTNS program which works on stimulating a nerve in your ankle which leads to your bladder. Many with my problem have been helped with this. It helped a little. . Then I was to go on a monthly maintenance of the same. After a month without any treatment I got worse again so it was suggested I try every two weeks. That.s what i am doing now but it seems the problem has gotten worse. I now wake up in the middle of the night soaked, enough to require me changing my bed clothes. In the morning i , my bed, my night clothes are drenched. This really isdisheatening.. As a point of information I have low functioning kidneys and in the past year have had a kidney ablation for kidney cancer.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what to do or where to seek help I would appreciate it. This has altered my life considerably, has made me reluctant to trace, etc. I am eighty six years old but have never had any problems like this. I am strong and healthy and an able to live alone and care for an adult daughter with special needs. It is very depressing.

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