Joint Replacement while on Prednisone

Posted by queenie2030 @queenie2030, Dec 30, 2022

I am 76, diabetic, on prednisone for PMR for two years. Current dose is 15-20 mg. I have been lower but due to painful flares back up. Has anyone had a joint replacement surgery while taking prednisone? How did it turn out, infection or other complications with healing? Would appreciate any experience of advice.

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@queenie2030 My friend had to wean off and stop prednisone before her knee replacement, then wait until after her 6 week check to restart. She reported that it was miserable, but she is so much better now that the new knee is healed.
When I needed hand surgery, the surgeon refused to do surgery within 6 weeks of any steroid, because it impedes healing, and my hands are notably slow to heal.
What do your surgeon & the prescribing doc say about doing the surgery during prednisone therapy?


Thank you for sharing your experiences with prednisone and surgery. I was on 13 mg prednisone before in Sept. getting covid then I settled at 15 mg. The day after I scheduled surgery for Feb 10th but am having second thoughts. The surgeon says no problem he knows how to handle the complications. My PCP thinks I should go ahead and I am waiting to get a final clearance and opinion from my rheumatologist. My shoulder feels like it could come out of place it pops and is constant pain. It affects all I do and I am tired of the pain.

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