Experience with the Johns Hopkins Psychiatric Ward?

Posted by mlbaier @mlbaier, Sep 7, 2017

Has anyone been to the Johns Hopkins Psychiatric Ward

Hi, @mlbaier. I’m not immediately seeing another member who mentions psych treatment at Johns Hopkins, unfortunately. However, another regular member with the Mental Health group on Mayo Clinic Connect, @amberpep, has lived in Maryland and may perhaps have some thoughts for you.

How are you feeling today?


Hi there mlbaier ….. Yes, I’ve lived only about 1/2 hr. away from JH, but the only thing I’ve ever heard about were folks who went there for physical illness. I’m sure they have a Psych. Department, but I’ve never heard anything about it. I’m sorry I’m not more help. I don’t know where abouts you live in MD (if you do live in MD), but there is an excellent private Psych. Hospital in northern MD … I believe Smithsburg (right over the line into PA). It’s called Brook Lane Psychiatric Hospital and it is excellent. They are in a beautiful setting, have several buildings – teens, adults, and an extensive group of doctors. In fact the Psychiatrist I see for my medication is on their staff. I don’t know if this helps or not, but I hope so.

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