Jaw pain/misalignment

Posted by rayneern @rayneern, Jan 27, 2019

Has anyone had problems with their jaw hurting or going out if alignment? I wear a full face mask and must sleep with my mouth slightly open. I have been using my CPAP for 5 years and now have severe jaw issues…

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Hi, @rayneern, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Ouch about the jaw issues. That sounds difficult.

I'd like to introduce you to some members who may have some thoughts for you on having jaw issues related to use of a CPAP with a full face mask, like @johnbishop @dawn_giacabazi @jjspokane61 @thankful @etaniguchi @elwooodsdad @john4pack. Hoping they can talk about whether they or others they are familiar with have experienced this problem.

@rayneern, what has your sleep doctor said about the potential connection between the CPAP use and the severe jaw issues you've experienced?


Hi Hi, @rayneern, I would like to add my welcome along with @lisalucier and other members here on Connect. I also wear a full face CPAP mask but have not experienced any jaw issues. Hope this isn't a dumb question but if you don't normally breath through your mouth why do you need a full face CPAP mask? I thought you only need the full face mask if you can't or don't normally breath through your nose. In my case, I have a deviated septum and have just learned to breath through my mouth. I did find an interesting site that mentions jaw pain using full face CPAP masks that makes sense.

Can a PAP unit cause TMJ? CPAPClinic investigates.

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