I've hair loss & very itchy

Posted by bhanu @bhanu, Apr 7 1:09pm

i've hair lose&very itching and fallen hair have bud like thing at end
for some reason i having so much hair loose.even headbath also causes so much hair lose.but the important part is that hair conating an cover at the buttom root of fallen hair i am thiking that is completly with its falling.and also so much scalp is there

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Hello @bhanu and welcome to Connect. Sadly, hair loss and itching skin can be a side effect of some types of cancer and especially chemotherapy. Sometimes for itching, just keeping my skin well moisturized with lotion or even coconut oil really helped.
The hair loss is generally short term while you go through treatment and often regrows within months after treatment ends. When I was diagnosed with cancer I had long hair. As soon as I knew I’d be having chemo I had a buzz-cut. It made it easier for me to not see the long clumps of hair on my pillow. Taking control of that with cutting it all off first helped me feel empowered

Would you mind sharing the type of cancer you have? Are you in a treatment plan that requires medication such as chemotherapy?


I don't have cancer but I do have a sensitive, itchy scalp! I found that lemon juice really helped take the itching away! Take a fresh lemon and slice it in half. Before you shampoo your hair/head squeeze the lemon juice all over your scalp and rub it in lightly. Then, shampoo. It does work or at least it worked for me. The itching was gone. The coconut oil mentioned by Lori sounds good too and might be more soothing than lemon juice.
Good luck! I'll say a prayer for you.

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