It's hard to prove epilepsy to the doctor when the EEG is normal

Posted by lsittll @lsittll, Jul 1, 2020

You have lots of seizures so they do an EEG. But then during the EEG you have no seizures. How often does this kind of thing happen to us? It’s just like you feel sick so you go to the doctor and at the doctor;s you don’t have the problem/symptoms? We can’t show them the problem.

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my plan now is to take 600mg alpha lipoic acid r-ala type every night at bedtime with only water for 60 days to try to git some relief from peripheral neuropathy in both feet which is a torture every night. My doctors do not have a plan or give a #$% just waiting for me to die.


Hello @ibwatchin and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I see your first post was just yesterday and wanted to extend my welcome in addition to @jakedduck1. From what I can read, you are frustrated with both your situation as well as the lack of next steps.

Since you feel strongly that your doctors aren't supporting you have you considered a second opinion?


All of the eegs I had showed normal until I spent a few days in the hospital for an extended eeg observation. I think having someone at appointments who is close to you and has possibly observed your seizures, even mild ones help with diagnosis and getting in the correct path.
I went years without one and then started having small breakthrough-seizures and my wife had me go to my neurologist with her to help explain what she saw and things changed.

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