ITP and Liver Cancer

Posted by maryandsteve @maryandsteve, Apr 2 12:38pm

My wife has had ITP for 15 years now and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 HCC Liver Cancer. I read a article about 2 years ago where it actually said that someone with chronic ITP can actually get false positive LI RAD readings stating they have liver cancer when they only have a fatty liver which ITP causes but the results will come back as cancer or cirrhosis because of the low platelets and other factors. If anyone has read this article or can help us I would be very grateful!

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Hello @maryandsteve sorry to hear about your wife’s HCC diagnosis. I am not sure of the terminology LI RAD
Was it an MRI with contrast? This is the test used at Mayo to determine the size and placement of my HCC tumor. Those images can usually be viewed and discussed with your doctor to explain your condition. I do hope you are both able to speak with your doctor about this diagnosis and get clear information on your choices of available treatment. I did look for your article but could not find any results using those terms. Wishing you both comfort on this journey.


Hi sorry to hear about you wife liver cancer I was diagnosed on 2021 with liver cancer never was told what stage but I think was stage 2 after multiple test scan biopsies ultrasound I did have a tumor 3.5 did radiation and chemotherapy also I do have cirrhosis they don’t know why but I was close to the disease called Wilson’s so to the point my oncologist wanted to do a liver transplant but I decided not to do so I know there is no cure for cirrhosis or cancer so I am positive so far thanks God feeling well my mother passed from same cancer as my I guess I am my mother son ask questions yes it is hard we break crying but life is worth living I also doing natural herbal so call medical but careful our liver is not at its best with this disease hope this help this April 19 another MRI see what will my cancer show ❤️🙏🏻❤️ 💔


@maryandsteve, I'm tagging a few members who have experience with liver cancer to join this discussion. like @maro6 @jshirley @alfonso22 @suzy212 @karenhileman @parrot53 and others.

This 2020 study showed that patients with primary ITP have an increased risk of cancer, including liver cancer.
- Cancer risk in patients with primary immune thrombocytopenia

Has your wife's diagnosis been confirmed or are you at the beginning of the diagnostic process? What diagnostic testing has she had?


I don't know anything about this but may be able to give you a tip about finding medical articles. Trying searching something like "ITP with false positive LI RAD reading" and then type google scholar at the end. Google scholar will bring up a host of articles on the subject. You may have to read some of these before you find more keywords to try to narrow your search if none of them immediately brings up what you're looking for. I fully wish your wife does have a false positive! But otherwise by looking at these articles you'll learn quite a bit even if it's a bit slow at first from searching what medical terms mean.

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