Itching skin that blisters

Posted by moorearlene1966 @moorearlene1966, Apr 15, 2019

Hi my name is Arlene. I have been dealing with severe itching skin that blisters and become painful. It’s extreme painful after they burst, it’s like I am being burned. They scale over with a crust but are still painful even to the touch. They are all over my body. The ones on my breast and buttocks are the worst one. Do anyone have ever dealt with something like this…painful!!!

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Have you been checked for Celiac Disease? In 2011 I also had a very itchy, blistering skin rash all over my front and back. No doctor seemed to know what it was, but 5 years later I tested positive for Celiac Disease. There is a skin rash called Dermatitis Herpetiformis that can be a symptom of Celiac. The GI dr thinks it might have been Dermatitis Herpetiformis that I had, and when I see pictures, I think so too. Go to a GI dr and get tested for Celiac. It is an inherited autoimmune problem.
It could also be Shingles, but Shingles usually forms a line of blisters that itch and burns at same time.


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I wanted to thank @alrey2 for responding to your post and also wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect members @zeiracorp and @gardeningjunkie as they have experience with similar skin conditions and may be bale to offer you support.

Back to you @moorearlene1966 how long have these blisters been affecting you?


Skin rashes are very hard to diagnose as there are so many diseases, allergies or contact issues that can cause them. You are right for try to figure this out, but you must also see a dermatologist. A real must as it takes a specialist. You still need to arm yourself with knowledge and begin learning on your own A very good, simple and clear site that describes skin diseases and shows pages of photos of skin rashes you can study to compare and help diagnosis and give your rash a name is the New Zealand Dermatology Site, I have 3 forms of eczema and your symptoms don't sound like mine, yet there are a dozen forms of eczema. This site would also have information on the dermatitis mentioned by airey2.
Also helpful for us bloggers is background information like Ethan mentioned- how long have you had these blisters, what doctors you have seen, what tests they have performed and what treatments you have tried. If they gave you a name and nothing is helping you may be misdiagnosed as some of use have been or there may be treatments or avoidance of contacts for your condition which helped us we could share with you.

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